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Golf Canada Handicap

Message from the Match Committee

Hi everyone – The Westfield Match Committee would like to remind all players that the official start to the Handicap (HC) season is May 1st in New Brunswick. In consideration, the Match Committee would like to remind you to ensure all your scores are posted in order to keep the HC system equitable. Westfield will be hosting several events this year that require an eligible Golf Canada Handicap. Every member has access to the Golf Canada Handicap System unless you opted out when you paid your dues. You also should have received an email from Golf Canada with your member number and temporary password. If you did not, please contact Susan in the office and she can assist you. Email Susan at or phone the office at 757-2250.

To access your account and enter scores simply download the Golf Canada app or go to the Golf Canada website. You can also enter scores using score entry kiosk in the clubhouse. The Pro-Shop Staff can assist with the score entry kiosk if you require assistance. Now back to the score entry guidelines. There is no grace period on entering scores. They should be entered immediately after your round or as soon as possible. ALL scores should be entered. It is advisable to enter your scores on a hole-by-hole basis since the software will automatically adjust your score based on your current handicap.

If you are just establishing a handicap, you only need 54 holes entered to receive an initial HC. The maximum score on a hole is par plus 5 strokes until the HC is established, and then net double-bogey once you have a handicap. Once again, if you enter your scores hole-by-hole, the software will automatically adjust the scores for your HC.

Scores should be entered for all 9-hole rounds as well as full 18-hole rounds. The HC software will allow for front 9, back 9, or full 18 hole scoring. This is a lot of information, but it’s important that every member who maintains a HC does so in the proper manner in order to maintain the integrity of the HC system. It is the responsibility of the Match Committee to ensure this integrity is maintained. In support of this effort, we be monitoring holes played and scores entered to ensure Westfield is in compliance with Golf Canada HC rules. This will ensure that all members can enter, tournaments with net score prizes and be confident that all competitors are using a proper HC that reflects their ability.

If you have any questions regarding the Golf Canada Handicap System, you can simply hit reply or reach out to the Match Committee later at and we will get back to you. You can also direct any questions to the Pro-Shop Staff.

Thank you for your diligence in ensuring the integrity of the HC system. Here’s to a great 2024 golf season!

Match Committee